Travel Guide Villavicencio - Colombia's Mining Engine

Villavicencio a.k.a. Puerta del Llano, capital of Meta department, is the most important commercial center in the Eastern Colombian Plains because of the abundance of oil, the immensity of palm biofuel crops, soybeans crops, cocoa crops and strong cattle/ranching industry, also a tourist hub and industrial center of southern Colombia with the rest of the country. Located at the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental and the left bank of Guatiquía river.

Getting there

Car - Take the Llano highway, located 86 kilometers south of Bogota, approximately two hours and a half away.

Bus – Depart from Bogota Bus Transport Terminal (Diagonal 23 No. 69 -55) take a bus from any of the companies providing the service to Villavicencio (Expreso Bolivariano, Flota La Macarena, among others.), Approximately three hours and half away.

Flight – Depart from Bogota´s Eldorado International Airport and after twenty minutes flight you will arrive at Vanguardia Airport in Villavicencio.

What to do

Colombian plains/savannah sunrises and sunsets are somewhat impressive, it worth spending time on this spectacle of nature landscape.

Ocarros Biopark - Two miles north of Villavicencio, en route foothills of Cordillera Oriental you´ll found the Ocarros Biopark where several species of the region have their home, including the majestic Jaguar, Tapirus, birds, impressive alligators, monkeys and snakes, with the particularity that all animals exposed here are rescue by authorities from blackmarket dealers or private donations, a full-fledged zoo.

During June / July, is celebrated at the Joropodrome (something like the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro), the International Joropo Music and Dance Tournament and International Beauty Contest, sort of carnival with wonderful tipical music of the region.

In October we celebrate the World Coleo Encounter at the agribusiness and cattle/ranching Center –Catama-, original sport where horse and rider become one trying to turn up side down a cow taking her by the tail in a fullspeed run.

Between April and November a MUST is visiting Caño Cristales a.k.a. The Seven Colors River, full of pure water natural pools and waterfalls, perhaps one of the most beautiful places on the planet, located within the National Park of the Macarena, to access this paradise you´ll have to make one hour flight in small airplanes from Vanguardia Airport to La Macarena town.

Food and nightlife

Asadero The Ranchón Llanero - speciality of the house are grilled meats. Here you can enjoy a typical Mamona Llanera, Capybara meat, all grilled, in a cool handcrafted cabin, with great Llanera live music. Located in the new exit route Bogota-LLanolindo, next to the vehicles bridge and in front of the Founders Park.

Capachos - Party at the giant and fun Disco Los Capachos key enterteiment site, ten thousand square meters dancefloor, drink and eat with else three thousand people together, with live music shows and dance. Kilometer four via Acacias. Tel: +5786622079 / 662 94 33


Villavo (Vee-a-bo) is divided into eight districts where about five hundred thousand inhabitants live and has more than five universities.


One of the weather characteristics of foothills plains is the probability that heavy rainfall appears at any time of day and year, although daytime sunshine generally, weather is hot and humid, bright and the average temperatures 25 degrees Celsius.