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Bogotá - City of Culture and Night Life

Bogotá - the capital of Colombia - located in the centre of the country at 2600 meters (8530 ft) above sea level, has a population of around eight million people from all corners of Colombia. It is famous for its culture and nightlife. This modern city boasts many parks, modern shopping malls, trendy bars and nightclubs, free-admission museums and theatres...See Hotels In Bogotá


Cartagena - A Romantic Colorful City

Located in the north of Colombia facing the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena offers a unique experience in a wonderful historical setting. It is perhaps the most perfectly preserved colonial city in South America. This treasure takes the visitor 400 years back in time...See Hotels In Cartagena


Medellín - City of Eternal Spring

Medellín is Colombia’s second-largest city and overflowing with style and activity. The city has reinvented itself since the mid 1990s by rebuilding both its image and its infrastructure. It now has been developed in a pleasant city in the centre of a valley, flanked by lush mountains. This modern city boasts leafy streets, thriving art galleries, an aquarium, sprawling parks, many restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Its year round spring-like weather also makes up much of the city’s charm...See Hotels In Medellín


Cali - Capital of Salsa Dancing

Cali is different from Bogotá and Medellín. It’s a rather chaotic city with a tropical climate, known as the salsa capital of Colombia. It was founded in 1536 as a little town, until the sugar and coffee industries brought prosperity to the region...See Hotels In Cali


The Coffee Region - Where The Colombian Flavour Comes From

The Departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda are known as the Coffee region, or Coffee triangle. In this region the famous Colombian coffee is produced. It has three main cities, each of which is a departmental capital. Pereira is the largest and more most modern city situated at a lower altitude than its neighbors. Manizales is a university city and gateway to the snow-covered Nevado del Ruiz volcano, while Armenia is a smaller city and a rather quiet place...See Hotels In The Coffee Region


Santa Marta - The Oldest City From Colombia

Santa Marta lies between the snow capped Sierra Nevada and the Caribbean sea. Founded July 29, 1525 it is the oldest remaining city in Colombia. Its warm climate, beaches, unspoiled colonial architecture and nearby nature reserves make this coastal city an interesting destination...See Hotels In Santa Marta


Barranquilla - Famous For Its Carnival

Barranquilla is located in between Cartagena and Santa Marta, where the Magdalena river meets the Caribbean sea. This sultry city is Colombia’s fourth most populous city after Bogotá, Medellín and Cali and an important destination for business tourists. TheBarranquilleros with their warm Caribbean heart, its important industrial port and waves of immigrants converted Barranquilla - the city of world-famous Shakira - into a pleasant cosmopolitan city...See Hotels In Barranquilla


Villavicencio - Colombia's Mining Engine

Villavicencio a.k.a. Puerta del Llano, capital of Meta department, is the most important commercial center in the Eastern Colombian Plains because of the abundance of oil, the immensity of palm biofuel crops, soybeans crops, cocoa crops and strong cattle/ranching industry, also a tourist hub and industrial center of southern Colombia with the rest of the country. Located at the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental and the left bank of Guatiquía river...See Hotels In Villavicencio


Villa de Leyva - Pretty Colonial Town

Villa de Leyva is one of Colombia’s prettiest colonial towns, about a three hours drive from Bogotá. You will find Spanish colonial architecture, whitewashed houses with red-tiled roofs, narrow cobbled streets, colonial churches, little plazas and flower-decked balconies. It has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Locals greet strangers in the street with 'Buenos días' or 'Buenas tardes'. You really feel you’re on vacation. That makes it such a pleasant trip from Bogotá...See Hotels In Villa de Leyva


Girardot - Enjoy The Magdalena River Valley

Close to Bogotá you can enjoy the warm climate of the villages in the Magdalena River Valley. Situated within an incredible green valley, these places are ideal for recreational activities while the sun warms your face. Many residents from Bogotá make weekly trips to their fincas near Melgar, Girardot and Ibague. It is approximately 28°C (82ºF) and far enough from the capital to enjoy peace and the natural beauty that encompasses much of this valley. Join the Bogotanos and trade the hectic of Bogotá for a weekend by the pool at one of the beautiful hotels in Melgar, Girardot or Ibague...See Hotels In Girardot


Leticia - Just Fascinating

Leticia is a hospitable town on the border with Peru and Brazil. This most southern town of Colombia is situated on the bank of the Amazon river, surrounded by paths that lead to fascinating places in the Amazon rainforest. Both the tropical rainforest and the copious Amazon river will captivate first-time visitors of Leticia. Accessible only by water or air, the Amazon is home to anacondas, manatees, caimans, jaguars, toucans, monkeys and more than 750 species of birds...See Hotels In Leticia


San Andres - The Seven Colours Sea

Closer to the coast of Nicaragua than Colombia is the lush green San Andrés Archipelago located (including the islands San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina), 720 km (447 mi) from the Colombian coast. White-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a temperature of 27ºC (81ºF) throughout the year make these beautiful Caribbean islands a true paradise and a very popular vacation destination for Colombians...See Hotels In San Andres