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HotelsInColombia (HIC) is a Colombian-Dutch initiative of two young travelers passionate about Colombia.

There’s nothing we’d rather do with our spare time than travel through Colombia. We have visited many unique places and gained unforgettable experiences. During our travels we have stayed in many wonderful hotels. From quaint guesthouses, boutique hotels, ecohotels, seaside resorts to design hotels and coffee mansions. What they have in common is style, hospitality, great service and location.

Choosing the right hotel was not always an easy task. That’s why we founded HotelsInColombia (HIC). We try to make your job easier and to enjoy Colombia as much as we do. We only include hotels we’ve been, loved and would go to again. All hotels are carefully selected by us, cutting any intermediaries. The personal relationship that we have built with the hotels also enables us to provide you with the best prices and special offers. You can often find a selection of hotels with discounts on the usual price.

Hotels can be booked online. Our booking service is completely free. Booking through us does not generate any administrative or reservation costs.

Our Short Breaks is a service to provide you with an itinerary for your trip. They provide insider recommendations and stays in one of our hotels. We have a network of professional tour guides around the country to offer you a truly authentic experience for your Colombian vacation. Since we work direct with the hotels and guides we are able to offer you the best prices. You can easily combine our various Short Breaks or combine them with your own trip through Colombia.

Let us be your ambassador in Colombia, enjoy the hospitality offered by the country and the personal care from our staff.

Happy travels!

Meta and Jaime