Villavicencio - Colombia's Mining Engine

Villavicencio a.k.a. Puerta del Llano, capital of Meta department, is the most important commercial center in the Eastern Colombian Plains because of the abundance of oil, the immensity of palm biofuel crops, soybeans crops, cocoa crops and strong cattle/ranching industry, also a tourist hub and industrial center of southern Colombia with the rest of the country. Located at the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental and the left bank of Guatiquía river...Go to Travel Guide


Hotel Wyndham Garden Villavicencio Nederlands

Hotel Wyndham Garden Villavicencio is located at just 2 hours by car or 20 minutes by plain from Bogotá, nestled in the East Andes mountains, where the Colombian savanna begins. This one-of-a-kind hotel features modern infrastructure, comfort and state of the art facilities, offering the perfect get away place to enjoy the sun, play some golf, or just relax at the swimming pool while enjoying your favorite drink, and not being far from the action...Read More